Born in 1996, Cherbourg
Lives and works in Paris

Solo Exhibitions
2022 Struggle for Pleasure, Plymouth Rock, Zurich

Group Exhibitions
2022 CORP, The Residence Gallery, London
2022 Systema, Palais Carli, Marseille
2022 Anna Solal, Arthur Marie, Lily Robert, Paris
2022 Basel Social Club, Basel
2022 Fanzines! Festival, Villa Belleville, Paris
2022 Bienvenue Art Fair 2022, Hôtel La Louisiane, Paris
2022 And then, when I sleep, without language of night, I do not realize, curated by Pelin Gokcek, See U, Brussels

2021 Devastation, Queer Thoughts, New-York
2021 Egg Collector, DOC, Paris
2021 Transhumance, Grand Hospice, Brussels
2021 Untitled, curated by Jean-Paul Jacquet, Martin van Blerk, Antwerp
2021 Best Wishes, curated by Millie Rose Dobree, Best Wishes Gallery, London
2021 Biennale de la Jeune Création, Mulhouse, Motoco
2021 Here for Now, Possibly Always, curated by Ellie Brown, Projektraum 145, Berlin
2021 Summer Split, DOC, Paris
2021 Divinités, fleurs, plis et replis, Les Bains Douches, Alençon
2021 Novembre à Vitry, Galerie Jean-Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine

2020 DATA-BAT, Les Bains Douches, Alençon
2020 À tous ces cadavres conservant l’apparence de la vie, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers
2020 Baby, Afternoon Projects, Vancouver
2020 Nothing Lasts for Johnny, Caen

2019 Joyeux Noël!, Caen
2019 Ensemble, Abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Rouen

2016 Careful Counter, Skylight Gallery, Vancouver

2021 Arca Program, DOC, Paris
2020 Bubahof, Prague
2020 La Cherche, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
2020 Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers
2019 La Fabrique, Caen

2019 Vienna Bible, Therapy Blue, Vienna
2016 HEROES - Fanfiction, 3-ply x Centre for Style, Victoria

Art Covers
2022 Cold x £ x Bag - Marching Place
2016 DJ Haydn - Stockholm Subway Stories

2022 Alexi's Visions - Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday
2021 Alexi's Visions - Good Manners
2021 Alexi's Visions - Serenity
2021 Alexi's Visions - Jimmy's Breakdown, Netil Radio
2021 Alexi's Visions - Pleasant Defeat
2021 Alexi's Visions - Subjective Loss
2016 Violette (Alexi's Visions) - Inside Me, Immunity

2019 ESAM, Master, Caen
2017 ESAM, Bachelor, Caen